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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Basics of creating php site For Novice

This tutorial is basically on steps
to follow in creating a php site.
The Tutorial
To create a php site you will need the
1. Hosting Site (free or paid)
2. Php Script (eg: uloki, wl, pbnl,
johncms, wordpress etc.)
Example of a free hosting site is
Step 1: register at the host of your
choice and they'll send mail to your
email to confirm your account.
Note: this is known as client
Step 2: after confirm your email >
login to the panel of your host eg:
with your email and password.
Note: this place is known as
member area
Step 3: now click on control panel and
create new account
Note: this account will be your site.
Step 4: now you'll upload your site
script and extract it.

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